Dear George & Staff at GH Sweetin Inc.

Our goal is to keep this note short but fully describe our satisfaction with the professional services GH Sweetin Inc. has provided for us over the past 15 years.

We have been so delighted with the landscaping work you have done for us in the past and the latest project, our backyard, has proven yet again that you, with the help of your talented team, have created just the right design for our somewhat awkward and difficult spaces. Your work consistently exceeds our expectations and we are pleased with the customer service we have received.

GH Sweetin, Inc. we are grateful for the beauty you have brought to the entryway of our home. You took what once was a patch of land and transformed it into an elegant entry. Even though months have passed and seasons have been harsh, it's hard to believe how beautiful our front & back yard looks all the time. Our sloping, crumbling landscape, rock hard soil and rock filled landscape has been transformed into an enjoyable space where we can relax and entertain. We owe it all to your talent and imagination for creative design.

Thank you George, we're looking forward to our next project….it's time to take the swing set down that you installed with a safe play area when our baby was one year old. Soon he'll be going into high school and we plan to use the space for a new shed and garden!! We know you'll come up with the perfect design for us.

Warm Regards,
Paul & Joann Carroll
Chatham, New Jersey

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